B2B Specialist Make-up Courses: “CUA51015 – Diploma of Screen and Media (Make-up)”

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B2B Specialist Make-up Courses - CUA51015 – Diploma of Screen and Media (Make-up)

Whenever you turn on the TV, open a magazine, browse to any mainstream website or travel anywhere and see a billboard; its likely you shall be seeing the end result of Specialist Make-up.

This is a very interesting niche of the overall beauty industry in which we talk Make-up in the ‘commercial sense’. This is often used in screen, media, photography, fashion which demand that models look the best to either convey an artistic vision – or a to deliver a powerful image to get sales.

We at Advanced Education Australia are right into this side of the industry with our powerhouse “CUA51015 – Diploma of Screen and Media (Make-up)”. This is a fun creative course for the seriously passionate that contains 16 powerhouse units over 52 weeks. From exploring Creativity, to Make-up basics, Project Management, Hair, Special Effect Make-up, Presenting and even Wig styling; it paves the way for students to work with A-List Celebrities and the best in the industry.

Government Funding is available for this course and it can be learned face to face at our beautiful campus in Surry Hills (Sydney CBD) and also Online.

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To learn more and get started, please contact us and speak to one of our Career Advisors. They can assess your eligibility for Government Funding, answer your questions and help guide you making some pivotal decisions for your life.

Please share this with those it can help and we always welcome new students. With many thanks from Advanced Education Australia!

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