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At Advanced education Australia/ Sydney College of Skin Care we believe in quality education and we put every effort to teach our lovely students every skill to make them confident as a Beauty therapist.
This week we are working on micro-current facials as this is part of Diploma of Beauty Therapy and most of our students loving it. This facial is called a micro-current facial but surprisingly, it’s not new technology! It was originally used in Chinese medicine and has been embraced by the beauty industry for over 30 years. During your Diploma of Beauty Therapy, you will learn and preform this treatment.

Micro-current has often been referred to as a non-surgical face lift. Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body‘s own natural electrical currents, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits, and re-educate the muscles of the face.

The result is immediate firming, smoothing, and re-hydration of the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Microcurrent lifts, sculpts and tightens, provides immediate results, and has no downtime.

There are many benefits to treatment including the following: Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
Improved muscle tone in face and neck, Improved circulation, Cleared up or reduced acne, Lift of jowls and eyebrows, Lymphatic drainage, Sun damage treatment, Skin pigment improvement, Product penetration
Smoother, firmer skin, Hydrated and revitalized skin.
Ensure a thorough consultation is done prior to commencing treatments and clients really need to fully understand the treatment and the procedure. 6-12 treatments are necessary for best results and maintenance will be required once a month to keep up the results.

We hope this read will help to all our regular readers. We run Beauty Courses in Sydney and we have produced large number of qualified Beauty therapist who are working in Beauty industry successfully.

If you have not yet browse through our courses page, please check it out now and ask us if you have any further questions. Thanks for the read and appreciations from Advanced Education Australia.

( Photo is about 15 year old where our girls having some fun during class)

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