A Career with Children: Accredited Childhood Education & Care Courses with AEA

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A Career with Children Accredited Childhood Education & Care Courses with AEA

There is this view out there in society in that work can in no way be ‘fun’ and it has to be a grind. Even though when it’s written here it sounds incredibly daft at best; it’s a common view that we like to challenge at Advanced Education Australia.

Working with children can be an absolute delight with those that have the passion for this industry and with the massive growth we are expecting to see in the coming years; it’s great to start working on your career pathways now.

At AEA we have our two most popular courses in this field depending on what people are after:

CHC30113 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care:

This is our standard entry level course which gives students the educational foundation for success in childcare. With 18 units over a 52 weeks; students can expect to learn a range of topics to set them up for success in industry. Covering childhood teaching, to safety, to learning frameworks, to speciality care, to motivation and to practical skills – it’s a top course.

CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care:

This is our most powerful course which is perfect for ambitious students who want to lead and succeed in the industry. With 28 packed units over 52 weeks; students and emerging leaders can expect to learn deep insights, learn the detail and shine with practical training in childhood education.

This is a must for those on a mission.

Government Funding and Assistance from our Career Advisors:

Depending on your situation and circumstances; most students that come our way are eligible for Government Funding. Our Career Advisors are here to answer your questions and can help you assess what available to you and what is possible.

Study is delivered online and also face to face at our beautiful college on Surry Hills (Sydney). We are fun, dynamic and here to help you succeed in a productive work environment.

To learn more, please contact us, feel free to share this with those it can help and appreciation from us at Advanced Education Australia (we’d love to have you study with us).

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