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We love watching students SUCCEED!

When ambitious and hard working people enquire about our courses; we love answering all the many questions we get asked. Our Career Advisors take their time and do what it takes and when you consider all the questions asked, people are really asking us one core question “If I study with yourselves, will I become successful?”

The is a brilliant and very relevant questions from our point of view when it comes to courses the answer is “YES”. We at Advanced Education Australia do what we can to create a top quality course experience to turn students into successful Beauty Therapists. Our courses provide the theoretical and practical foundation to give graduates a strong pathway for success.

Watching the thousands of students we have had succeed makes us very happy and our most popular courses include:

SHB50115 – Diploma of Beauty Therapy:

  • The powerhouse course to become a leading Beauty Therapist.
  • Covers subjects including Beauty & Skin, Beauty Techniques, Advanced Selling, Client Management, Product Displaying & Merchandising, Practical Training, Communication Skills and more.
  • 25 units over a recommended 52 weeks.

SHB50216 – Diploma of Salon Management:

  • Recommended for those already with the base Beauty Skills (this being the ‘business side’).
  • Covers subjects including Business Management, Human Resource & People Management, Salon Management, Sales & Marketing, Financial Management and more.
  • 10 units over a recommended 52 weeks.

CUA51015 – Diploma of Screen and Media (Make-up):

  • For those wanting to go into the ‘Business to Business’ side.
  • Covers speciality subjects including Creative & Artistic Make-up, Hair & Wig Styling, Project Management, Business to Business Skills and more.
  • 16 units over a recommended 52 weeks.

Questions, Answers, Funding & Enrolment:

Our Career Advisors are here to help give you answers, assess your eligibility for Government Funding and get you started. If you like what you see, now is the perfect time to contact us to start pursuing your dreams.

You can study at our Surry Hills / Sydney CBD College and also Online. Everyone is welcome (including Local & International students) and we invite you to come for a visit to learn more about our community.

Many thanks for the read, we are here to help and appreciation from Advanced Education Australia!

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