The science of skin when it comes to Beauty

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Beauty Courses Sydney Diploma of Beauty therapy

Beauty Courses are not just about looking after your client’s outer skin. It is also requires lot of knowledge of your inner body systems to perform perfect facials and other skin care procedures.

During today’s class at Sydney College of Skin Care we studied some very interesting anatomy and physiology topics, basing our attention on tissue and wound healing. This is a very interesting topic for many different reasons and students are quite surprised with the level of knowledge beauty therapists are required to know.

During your Diploma of Beauty Therapy, we study all the organs and systems in the body but it is very important to remember that we are not doctors or nurses we are Beauty Therapists, we cannot diagnose clients but the information we learn is so we have a full understanding of what is happening in the body which will allow us to develop a full treatment plan including lifestyle, diet, water intake, skin care and treatments. All these combined should be able to effectively treat many different conditions a client is suffering with.

Skin biology is one particular topic that during Diploma of Beauty Therapy we discuss in depth and we spend a lot of time on, as it is extremely important for beauty therapists to fully understand the layers of the skin and the functions of the skin. When you understand the skin, how it works etc, would will find it very easy to treat and give your clients great advice on how to treat it at home and also in salon through treatments.

Our aim here at Sydney College of skincare is for our students to leave college and be fully equipped with the knowledge they need to be amazing Beauty Therapists within the industry. Understanding anatomy and physiology is one of those.
We hope this read will help you to understand Beauty Therapy little bit more. We proud to run Beauty Courses for many years and produced number of successful graduates. If you haven’t browse through our courses page, please check it now and when you are ready call one of very friendly careers advisor and we will guide from there. We will also help you to find out if you are eligible for government funded courses.

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