Working with Children: Your Career Pathway with AEA

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Working with Children Your Career Pathway with AEA

For those with a burning passion to work with children; we have great news for you.

At Advanced Education Australia we have two great Nationally Recognised Courses to help you either get into the industry or work your way up faster. Our education is fun, practical, engaging setting one up for success into a multi-billion dollar and highly rewarding industry.

Our two most popular and highly recommended courses include:

CHC30113 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care:

  • Entry Level Course. Great for those seeking strong foundations.
  • Covers a range of topics include childhood teaching, safety, learning frameworks, speciality care & education, motivation and practical skills.
  • 18 Units over 52 Weeks.

CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care:

  • Powerful Course. Perfect for those wanting to succeed with ambition and drive.
  • 28 Units over 52 Weeks.
  • Builds on Certificate III with deep insights, detail, more units and extensive Practical Training.

Government Funding, Q&A and Planning Career Pathways with AEA:

Our Career Advisors can help answer your questions, assess your eligibility for Government Funding and also get you enrolled.

You can learn with us in both online and face to face at our friendly & dynamic college in Surry Hills (Sydney).

To learn more, please contact us and we at Advanced Education Australia would love to have you study with us!

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